Véronique KREMMER

Véronique KREMMER

PhD student fellow
HisTochText Project
ED 472


Most of my research so far has been on nominal morphology, with a special focus on non-primary derivation, in Indo-European languages. Alongside that, another of my interests is nominal compounding and the fine line between syntagm and compound. I’m also very interested in phraseology, and in the way, for instance, Buddhist stylistics interact with Indo-European poetics in Tocharian and some Indo-Iranian literature.

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Fields of research et research projects

This thesis aims to investigate nominal and adjectival stems containing a liquid */l/ in the Tocharian and Indo-Aryan languages. This category consists of athematic stems in *-l-, adjectives in *-ló-, as well as complex suffixes which may be derived from the previously mentioned (e.g. *-elo-, *-l(i)i̯o-). The goal of this thesis will be to establish how different forms and / or suffixes were derived. It strives to present a complete morphological, semantic and philological study of these nominal stems in the respective languages, while accounting for traces of linguistic contact between them. The thesis aims to fill a gap within the broader study of nominal derivation in the Indo-European languages.

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