PhD in Indian Studies, I am interested in the possibility to read an exegetical discourse under the myths told in purāṇic literature. I particularly study the place given to the Goddess in this literature, especially through her motherhood. Focusing on the purāṇic quotations in the Dharmanibandha literature, I plan on understanding the function of purāṇic genre and on evaluating its use and impact in indian society from the emergence of the first purāṇas to their copying in the nineteenth century.
Through my affiliation to the Skandapurāṇa Project and the Texts Surrounding Texts Project, I develop my philological skills and my knowledge on ancient śivaism. Really involved in active pedagogy, I maintain a scientific blog dedicated to sanskrit pedagogy and didactic whose purpose is first to offer to students tools and references allowing to learn sanskrit and to improve their learning, and second to put forward reflections on Sanskrit didactic comparing it with the learning of Modern or Ancient Languages.

Research fields

Purāṇic Studies ; early Śivaism, in particular Pāśupata beliefs ; liturgic study of rituals dedicated to birth and parenthood ; study of the maternity and the Goddess ; analysis of purāṇic quotations and of Dharmanibandha Literature; codicology, palaeography, ecdotic, sanskrit philology; sanskrit pedagogy ; sanskrit Literature.

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Journal articles

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Conference papers

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Preprints, Working Papers

  • Amandine Wattelier-Bricout. The Use of the Coronation Name during the Somavaṁśin Dynasty: A mark of a religious enthronement, a respectful expression, a statement of legitimacy or a political claim?. 2022. ⟨hal-03780519⟩



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