Athanaric HUARD

Athanaric HUARD

Post-doctoral fellow in the ERC project HisTochText


After training in Greek and Latin philology and linguistics and obtaining the “agrégation” in comparative grammar in 2015, I turned to Tocharian studies. From 2016 to 2022, I wrote a dissertation on Tocharian meditation texts in. From 2016 to 2020, I obtained a position as a documentary researcher at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, which had entrusted me with the cataloguing of the “Pelliot Koutchéen” collection. From 2018, I started to collaborate with the ERC HisTochText project directed by Georges-Jean Pinault, which I officially joined in 2020.

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Fields of research and research projects

My interests lie at the intersection between Tocharian linguistic studies and Buddhological studies. For my doctoral dissertation, I studied a corpus of Tokharian meditation texts, a genre whose existence had not previously been recognized. This work opens up broader perspectives on the history of Buddhist meditation because several Tokharian texts propose an innovative meditation technique based on imagination. In addition, I am interested in other themes important to Central Asian Buddhism, as the literature on Maitreya and the reception of Aśvaghoṣa. Together with Adam Catt and Yuima Inaba, since 2020 we have begun a collaborative work on Tocharian Abhidharma texts. I am also interested in the material aspect of the texts in order to establish a more precise “codicology” for the Central Asian manuscripts.

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Journal articles

  • Athanaric Huard, Adam Alvah Catt, Yuima Inaba. Tocharian Abhidharma Texts II: A Philological Study of A 384–386. Journal Asiatique, In press, 310 (2), pp.237-273. ⟨hal-03889299⟩
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  • Athanaric Huard. The beginning of the Tocharian B Karmavibhaṅga. Tocharian and Indo-European Studies , 2019, 19, pp.27-66. ⟨hal-02306686⟩

Conference papers

  • Athanaric Huard. An overview of the Tocharian B fragments pertaining to the Yogalehrbuch. Online conference, May 2021, Heidelberg, France. ⟨hal-03356440⟩
  • Athanaric Huard. The development of the TB adjectives suffixed in -ṣke/-śke 1. Tocharian in Progress Online Conference, Dec 2019, Leiden, Netherlands. ⟨hal-03356380⟩

Book sections

  • Athanaric Huard. “pattitrukālle kariśkenta wärpanamane” ou comment honorer un moine tokharien. Hannes Fellner; Melanie Malzahn; Michaël Peyrot. lyuke wmer ra : Indo-European Studies in Honor of Georges-Jean Pinault, Beech Stave Press, pp.225-235, 2021, 978-0-9895142-9-3. ⟨hal-03889216⟩

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