Beatrice BONINO


Beatrice Bonino, born in Turin on the 18th of September 1992, is a Sanskritist, specialized in the field of the Indian traditional grammar (Pāṇinian school) and in that of the philosophy of language (Bhartṛhari, Helārāja). She obtained a PhD scholarship from the University of Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle in october 2017, under the direction of Professor Nalini Balbir and the co-direction of Professor Jan E.M. Houben. The objective of her thesis, called Syntax and Semantic of the Existence in Indian grammatical tradition. The verbal root bhū- in the Mādhavīyadhātuvṛtti of Sāyaṇācārya: sources, transmission et reception, is to translate and study the section of the Mādhavīyadhātuvṛtti (14th century) consecrated to the root bhū- sattāyām ‘to exist in the semantic field of existence’. Her stays in Pondicherry at the French Institute (IFP), guided by the Professors Lakshmi Narasimha, Anjaneya Sharma and Dr Vinoth Murali have been fundamental for her formation in the science of vyākaraṇa, as well as the classes she attended in Paris, given by Professor Isabelle Ratié (shaiva philosophy of Kashmir) and by Professor Vincent Eltschinger (Buddhist philosophy), as far her philosophical interests are concerned.

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