« Pali inscriptions from Sukhothai » – conférence donnée par Javier Schnake – jeudi 30 juin 2022

Juin 28, 2022 | Autres actualités scientifiques, Toutes

Une conférence prononcée par Javier Schnake dans le cadre d’EuroSEAS2022

Cette conférence sera donnée dans le cadre d’une session intitulée « Current studies in the epigraphy of Thailand and Laos ».

Résumé de la conférence

The religious history of the Sukhothai kingdom (1238–1438) is mainly known through the epigraphy. Inscriptions that have come down to us – written in Thai or Pali – record the events that have shaped the religious landscape that gradually spread in the kingdom, namely the Buddhist doctrine as defined in the Pali canon. These sources highlight the fact political power promoted the religious institution, as well as the ideology it rests upon.

In this context, the epigraphic sources written – fully or partly – in Pali seem to be an essential vector in the emergence of “Theravada” Buddhism in Sukhothai. Thai ruling elite and clergy evidently used the Pali idiom – the sacred language of the Scriptures – as a means to reinforce their legitimacy. In this regard, two aspects are worth of consideration: the first is the specific functions of the Pali language in the inscriptions, as well as its multiple dimensions – e.g. public, symbolic, apotropaic, etc. Second, the message Pali inscriptions aim to convey, both in term of literal meaning and ideological imaginaire, through references to Buddhist conceptions and canonical – sometimes extra-canonical – literature.

Informations pratiques

Jeudi 30 juin 2022
Lieu : Centre de colloques, Campus Condorcet, Aubervilliers (ligne 12, arrêt de métro Front populaire)
Salle : salle 3.03, 3e étage du Centre de colloques
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