Richard Pischel, Kleine Schriften

Dec 20, 2021 | All, Publication

We are pleased to announce the publication of the following two volumes: Richard Pischel, Kleine Schriften, ed. by Nalini Balbir and Georges-Jean Pinault, Harrassowitz Verlag, 2020 (Glasenapp-Stiftung 48), 2 volumes, XCII + 1269 pages.


Richard Pischel (b. 1849 in Breslau, d. 1908 in Madras) was one of the giants of German and international indology. His untimely death interrupted research on the languages of Central India and studies on the Buddhist literatures of Central Asia – areas of Indology that were completely new at the beginning of the twentieth century. Even today, Pischel is famous for his Grammar of the Prākrit Languages (1900), which has been reprinted and translated into English, but his other achievements are relatively unknown. Pischel’s pioneering work, however, is characterized by thorough research and a lively personal tone, and concerns all areas of Indology.
Nalini Balbir and Georges-Jean Pinault now present Pischel’s major articles and reports in two volumes, organized by topic: I. Middle India; II. Sanskrit and linguistics; III. Veda and Vedic; IV. Indo-Iranian studies; V. Theater; VI. Indian poetry; VII. Epigraphy; VIII. Buddhism; IX. Central Asia, Turkic studies; X. History, culture, folklore; XI. Gypsies, gypsies; XII. Personalities.

The reproduction of the publications is preceded by a detailed introduction to Pischel’s life, career, work, and influence as a teacher and research organizer, based on both published and unpublished material. In addition, the volumes are indexed by lists of words, authors, people, places, and texts cited and by a topical index.

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