Temples et lieux de culte dans l’Inde classique et en Mésopotamie, rencontre avec Bruno Dagens – 04/02/22

Jan 19, 2022 | All, Other news

Friday, February 4, 2022, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Bruno Dagens, historian and archaeologist, professor emeritus at the University of Paris III and Dominique Charpin, professor at the Collège de France, holder of the “Mesopotamian Civilization” chair will speak of “Temples and places of worship in classical India and Mesopotamia”. This meeting will be hosted by Gilles Heuré, senior reporter at Télérama, and will be held in the auditorium of the Université Ouverte (Versailles). More information

Free admission on presentation of the health pass. Mandatory mask.
Address: Université Ouverte de Versailles, 6 impasse des Gendarmes, entrance B, 78000 Versailles

Illustration: The Kandariya Mahadeva temple at Khajuraho, c. 1025-1050, credit: CC BY-SA 3.0, photo author: China Crisis.