Saddhammakitti’s Ekakkharakosa and its Ṭīkā, Javier Schnake

May 6, 2024 | Publication

The team is delighted to announce Javier Schnake’s new publication Saddhammakitti’s Ekakkharakosa and its Ṭīkā (Bristol: The Pali Text Society, 2024).

  • ISBN: 978-086013-544-9
  • Price: £45.50

Schnake, Javier. Saddhammakitti’s Ekakkharakosa and Its Ṭīkā. Bristol: The Pali Text Society (xlviii-203 p.).


Few lexicographical works have been studied and published in the field of pāli studies. The Ekakkharakosa composed by Dhammakitti in the 16ᵗʰ century (Burma) makes up for this lack in the field of monosyllables (ekakkhara). These polysemous syllables are used in various fields of language (learned riddles, poetry, commentaries, etc.) to give an account of the etymology of certain terms. This masterpiece, the fruit of a long tradition inspired by Sanskrit norms, is accompanied by its commentary (ṭīkā), which reveals the meaning(s) of all the syllables treated (from ka to aṃ).

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