Call – Summer School of Intensive Reading of Ancient Indian Texts – 11 to 16/07/22

Jan 10, 2022 | All, Other news

A summer school of intensive reading of ancient Indian texts will be held next summer from July 11 to 16 in Aix-en-Provence, as part of the “Academy of the Languages of India,” placed under the aegis of the UMR 7297 TDMAM.

This school will make it possible to read texts in several languages: indeed, Indianism requires knowledge of not just one language, but several, since India and its literature were polyglot. Theater, for example, highlights this necessity, as characters speak different, though related, idioms depending on their social status.

Texts in Vedic, Classical Sanskrit, and Prakrit will be studied-a modest beginning, as the plan remains to gradually add other languages, both Indo-Aryan (especially Pali) and non-Indo-Aryan (Dravidian languages). Ms. Carmen Spiers will teach Vedic, Ms. Melinda Fodor will teach Prakrit, and Sylvain Brocquet (University of Aix-Marseille, UMR 7297 TDMAM) will teach classical Sanskrit. There will be a total of three daily reading workshops, one for each of these languages, and every listener will be invited to participate in the whole.

In the immediate term, prospective listeners are asked to identify themselves so that organizers can assess the number of participants. This is without commitment on their part: this is only a statement of intent at this time and is requested to be sent to (title the message “ALI 2022”).

To learn more, Download the presentation document in .docx format.