Senior Lecturer Art History and/or Archaeology of South and/or South-East Asia, EFEO –



Senior Lecturer, Art History and/or Archaeology of South and/or South-East Asia. Countries concerned: India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia and/or Malaysia.


The candidate will work in the fields of art history and/or archaeology. The candidate’s research will preferably have a regional and comparative dimension, taking into account inter-regional exchanges in Asia. Knowledge of one or more Asian languages will be appreciated in order to work on primary sources. He/She will have a local and international research network in his/her discipline and will already have undertaken long research stays in Asia.

EFEO research fellows conduct field researches and are likely to be assigned for part of their career to an EFEO research centre in Asia.

When posted in France, they teach. The annual reference duration for teaching services is 96 hours. Participation in the joint EFEO, EPHE-PSL, and EHESS Master’s program in Asian studies is strongly recommended.

Application form

Download the job description and the application form: job description and the application form in PDF format.

Recruitment calendar

Deadline for receipt of applications: 8 September 2023

Date of taking up the post: 1 January 2024


For any further information, please write to the following address:

You can find the recruitment announcement on the EFEO website:

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